The Reward System

When we set up your program, you will decide on something you want that will help motivate you through the process. Over the course of your program you will have opportunities to earn CASH BACK towards that ultimate reward. 


During your program, I will periodically send you challenges with a dollar value. If you complete them, and prove to me, in the form of video/photo evidence, you earn that dollar value toward your final reward. Challenges get progressively harder, so be prepared to work!


There will be more than one goal in your program, to help keep your eye on the big prize. For each milestone goal you hit, you will earn $25 toward your budget.


If you hit your big goal, you will earn $50 toward your budget, it's that simple!

How much money you can potentially earn, is based off of the program parameters YOU set. Meaning, the more you train, and the longer the duration of your program, the more you can earn. Keep in mind it's impossible to earn as much in three months as you can in a year.