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Elevate Your Pushup Game

Pushups are not easy. They, just like squats, take forever to master. Here are a few tips to get you on the road to pushup perfection.

  • Start at the beginning

  • Leave your ego at the door. Pushups are hard. So, when you are starting to learn how to do a pushup, start with your hands on a chair, or a counter top. The incline will reduce the amount of weight on your arms so you can practice your form. Gradually lower down to the floor. If when you get down, its still too challenging, drop to your knees and focus on your upper body.

  • Keep your core tight

  • Tuck your bum under to engage your core. If that doesn’t make sense try to think about pulling your hip bones up into your face. It sounds super weird, I know, but the goal is to engage your ab muscles and make your back into a straight line. The last thing you want to do is arch your back, it will hurt after a while. If your can’t hold your core anymore, stop, rest, reset and try again.

  • Lead with your chest/shoulders on the way down, and your bum on the way up

  • The first thing to touch the ground should be your chest, not your belly. I like to tell people to lead with their shoulders even though their chest should touch first because over-exaggerating a movement helps many people understand. You lead with your bum on the way up because if your shoulders or chest go up first, that is an automatic back arch, which we already know is a no-no.

  • Your upper body should look like an arrow, not a T

  • Your upper arms should be at a 45 degree angle to your shoulders not 90. It is way more comfortable and is a much better position for your shoulders.

  • Look about 6 inches ahead of you

  • This keeps your neck in line with your spine. I’m sure you’ve heard that a human head is about the weight of a bowling ball, so when you are doing pushups and not focusing on your neck position, that weight is bouncing up and down.

  • Slow it down

  • It is so much easier to use momentum and power through your pushups. It takes real strength and control to do it slowly. Also when you slow it down, you can really focus on your form and make sure it is perfect. That way, when it’s time to show off, you can make it look effortless.


  • Practice makes better (there is no such thing as perfect). Keep trying. A few times a week try doing 10 pushups. They don’t need to be in a row, they don’t need to be perfect. Just do your best, remember your cues and you will get it. I promise.

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