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10 Ways to Get Your Cardio that Aren't Running

Running isn’t for everyone.

Whether you have an injury preventing you from doing so (like me), or you just find it boring, you can definitely find another way to get your cardio. It can take a bit of creativity, but here is a handy dandy list of things you can try:

  1. Biking - outdoor or spin class

  2. Swimming

  3. Dancing - like no-one is watching or a dance class

  4. Rowing - machine or on the water if you have the opportunity

  5. Skipping rope

  6. Boxing

  7. Trampolining - a mini one in front of the tv works

  8. Circuit training - basically this means performing more traditional exercises for high rep, low or no weight, rest between them under 30 seconds (try tabata training)

  9. Play a sport like basketball or soccer

  10. Skating

When all else fails… millions and millions of burpees

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