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I repeat: YOU ARE NOT FAT!

Every day people tell me

they ARE fat. But let me make this very clear: the amount of fat tissue on your body does NOT define you as a person.

The two little words “I am,” are extremely powerful. They seem so small and meaningless, but in actuality, by saying “I am” something, you are taking whatever that is on as an identity.

Let’s break this down. I can say that I am a brunette. Which I am. I have brown hair. But defining myself as a brunette comes with a set of stereotypes, for example, being serious, driven, etc. Am I serious? If I have to be. Am I driven? Yes. But does my brown hair make me who I am? No. I can dye my hair if I so choose. It doesn’t make me, me.

Same thing with fat. If you say you are fat, it comes with a set of expectations. Have you heard of a self fulfilling prophecy? It is when someone consistently says something about a person or themselves, and over time that person begins to embody whatever was said.

If you have fitness goals to maybe lose a few pounds, lift a certain amount of weight, or run a race but keep telling yourself you “are fat,” it becomes okay and normal to act contrary to your goals. This might manifest in eating foods that aren’t maybe the best choice, or skipping a workout. Because, hey, if you are fat anyways, why does it matter.

But it does matter, you matter. The size of your body is within your control (for the most part, some people have medical issues out of their control), as is your hair colour. You can’t change where you are now, but you can change for the future. You can buy a box of hair dye and, although it is much harder, you start on an exercise and healthy eating journey.

You control who you are and what characteristics define you. You choose whether or not to identify as a specific type of person.

So please stop calling yourself fat.

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