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Questions to Ask a Trainer BEFORE You Hire Them

Looking for a personal trainer can be difficult. There are so many options, and every person is so different. But finding that right person is so important. They can really make or break your fitness goals. So here are a few questions to ask a potential trainer as well as how to decipher the answers.

What kind of training do you have?

This is an important question because not all certs are created equal. The most common ones (like a Canfit Pro) are $500 weekend courses. Fitness is a complex scientifically based profession and a weekend is just not enough time to learn enough to do it properly. Don’t get me wrong some people with these certifications are amazing. Many go out of their way to learn more, and take other certifications and classes. But making sure your new trainer has a solid knowledge base is important for safety and effectiveness of the workouts. Don’t be afraid to Google their certification or ask what the requirements are. That will tell you a lot.

What population do you mostly work with?

Over time, trainers develop a niche with a specific population. It just happens naturally. That doesn’t mean they can’t work with anyone outside of that, but it is good to know if you fit into their area of expertise.

What is your training style?

Trainers tend to train in a specific style. Some like to rep count, some like to use timers, some like loud music, some keep the same workouts for weeks, some change it up every session, etc. Asking your potential trainer to describe their style will let you know if it matches up with what you enjoy.

What kind of workouts do you do?

Your trainer will want you to enjoy your workouts, so they will share what they love. It’s only natural. They also will have a lot of knowledge in that area if they regularly practice it. So, if they enjoy weight training, you will probably do quite a bit of it. If they box, you might want to get a pair of gloves. If they are avid yogis, expect to spend some time on the mat. If they love Zumba, be ready to break out your dancing shoes.

My goal is to ____________, so what can I expect my workouts to look like?

Asking this question is EXTREMELY important. This question allows you to know if your trainer can really take in to account what you are looking to achieve. For example, if you tell your potential trainer you want to work on strength, and they don’t mention high weight low rep training, they are probably not listening. On the other side, if you say your endurance needs work and they only mention that kind of training it may not be a great fit.

What do you charge?

This is the kicker. Money is everything. Training has become extremely competitive in the last few years and trainers are charging less and less. But, you get what you pay for. In home training costs, on average between $60-150 per session (I sit around the $100 mark). That is a HUGE range. If you want someone to come in, kick your butt and don’t really care much for things like technique, go find yourself an awesome deal. Anyone can do that. If you are looking for a highly qualified trainer with lots of experience, who can cater to specific needs, it won’t be cheap. That is just the truth.

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