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5 Tips for Using Your Planner to Reach Your Fitness Goals

When I was a kid, at the beginning of every school year I’d receive a shiny new agenda. I was so excited to start the year off right.

I swore to myself I would be organized. For the first week, I’d write everything down, colour code, and write in my very best penmanship. But, for the second week and on, that poor agenda got lost at the bottom of my backpack and only saw the light of day when my teachers forced us to write in it.

I know I’m not alone. Even as an adult I have trouble keeping a planner, but I know I need one. Life gets crazy and I can’t remember everything (no matter how awesome my memory is). So over time I have developed strategies to use my planner to the fullest in a way that works for me so I can hit my own business, personal, and fitness goals. Here are 5 simple things you can do too!

1. Schedule in fitness every day

  • Put it in your planner just like you would any other appointment - with a time slot

  • Would you bail on any other appointment?

2. Checkmark your fitness off as you do it

  • Acknowledging that you did it is important, so that you can move on with your day (the worst is the gut sinking feeling that you didn’t finish your to-do list, and the best feeling is checking things off)

3. Set Check-in Dates

  • Fitness isn’t linear. Every few weeks set a day to reflect on how things are going so you can make changes if necessary (Do you need to find a new class, hire a trainer, see a professional for an injury?).

4. Keep your planer visible

  • Keep your planner beside your bed, out on a table, by your shoes, anywhere you will see it

  • If you see it, you are more likely to use it, if you use it, you will be more likely to stick to your plans

5. Make IT FUN

  • Find a planner that resonates with you. Some are very structured in helping you set your goals (Panda Planner, Simple Elephant Planner, Passion Planner, Productivity Planner, and many others), others are simple with blank space for each day. Find one that you think will be fun to work on

  • Makes sure you love the cover

  • Add colour - colour code if you want

  • Decorate it - make it your own.

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