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You DO Have Time to Work Out

The biggest excuse in the book is “I would work out, I swear, if I wasn’t so busy.” Well, I am calling BS.

I’m sure you have seen the internet meme saying “1 hour is 4% of your day,” and that is true. It is such a small amount of your day to work out for 1 hour.

But, if you do 15 minutes, that is better than nothing. As long as you push yourself, you CAN sweat in 15 minutes.

Now let’s be realistic, you won’t get the gains you might if you spend even a half hour at it, but any minute you can spend being active can improve your fitness level, especially if you are starting from scratch (it takes more effort for an intermediate exerciser to make gains than a beginner).

And just to PROVE it to you that you can work out in 15 minutes, here is a quickie workout you can do at home with NO equipment.

FYI, any and all jumping movements can be walked, or the jump can be taken out (ex. jump squats just become squats). Remember to go at your own pace and if you have an extra 5 minutes, stretch.

Warm up (total 5 minutes)

30 seconds each x 2 (total 4 minutes)

jog on the spot

high knee run

jumping jacks

fake skipping rope jumps

Dynamic stretching (1 minute)

8 arm circles forward and back

8 trunk twists

8 forward leg swing per side

8 deep squats

Workout (10 minutes)

2 4 minute rounds, with 1 minute break in between. Do as many rounds of the exercises as possible in each 4 minute block

Round 1

5 Back stepping lunges per side

5 Hand walk outs (crouch on the floor, walk your hands out to a full plank, walk back in, repeat)

5 Fold Ups (lie on your back, arms and legs extended, squeeze your abs and bring your hands and feet to touch at the top)

Round 2

5 Jump Squats

5 Jackknifes (In a plank jump your feet in towards your hands as close as you can, then jump them back)

5 Burpees with a pushups

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