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Validation Nation

​​Have you ever worked REALLY hard for something, pushed yourself to the limit and accomplished your goal? Did you go and tell everyone you know, not to brag, but to just share your success? Is all you got in return a half-enthusiastic “great job,” or “nice work?” Did you even get a high-five?

Well that has basically been my life. I love to do big things. I love to set BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals) and accomplish them. There’s no better feeling. But when I share, sometimes the reaction can feel lacklustre.

And, in all honesty, I’ve definitely been guilty of the eye-rolling “Oh my G-d, that’s great,” reaction too. We all have.

So why do we share our successes if that is the response we get? Because we want validation. We want another person to look at what we have done and value it. That shows us the our hard work wasn’t in vain, that it matters.

I want you to know, your hard work DOES matter. In the big picture of your life, what you do matters, whether other people acknowledge it or not. I promise.

This is why I reward my clients with cash-back for meeting their goals. I can go into all of the psychological research on positive reinforcement of target behaviours, but at the core of it, I just want to show my clients how amazing what they did truly is. I want them to feel the joy of reaching their goals. I want them to celebrate, because they deserve to.

They earned it.

** And by the way, if you have a friend who is sharing a big win with you, take an extra minute and really validate their hard work. They are sharing it with you for a reason, so would it kill you to make a fuss?

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